Reiki Recharge

When One Session of Reiki Isn’t Even Close to Enough….

We all know those weeks…when you’re running from the moment you get out of bed till the moment your head falls back on the pillow, pushing the envelope between stress, anxiety and depletion. You think longingly of being nurtured in a Reiki session, but at this point, you think, what you need is an intravenous Reiki drip!

Good news – you can receive the renewal and replenishment of a Reiki treatment daily, without leaving your home or office. Imagine refreshing your spirit…calming your mind…and relaxing your body, first thing in the morning, every day for a week…two weeks…or more….

That’s the idea of Reiki Recharge: providing you with daily Reiki to support your at mind, body, and spirit levels every day for as long as you need it.

How does this work? Because Reiki is spiritually-guided life force energy, it is not limited to physical presence. Your willingness to receive, and Phila’s focused intent, with the help of your name and photo, create the connection for the session to happen.

To get started, just select the option you’d like and order below; then email your name and a digital photo of yourself (any clear photo will do, it doesn’t need to be special).  Your first session will start at 10 a.m. on the upcoming Monday.

If you’d like to customize your Reiki Recharge series (for example, including a weekend, or setting up a different time, please contact Phila.


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