Reiki-Blessed Vision Boarding

What do you want to do….achieve….experience…become? How do you want to grow?

Join with a circle of women as we meditate, vision, snip and paste our hopes and dreams into visible form – and then have your creation charged with Reiki energy as you speak your vision and intention into the circle.

Poster board, magazines, scissors, paste, and all the accessories for Vision Boarding are provided, along with beverages for refreshment. Please bring..,.

  • your hopes and dreams
  • a photo of yourself to paste in the center of your Vision Board
  • any special objects you might want to add to your board

This event is limited to 10 participants. To schedule a group, email Phila

Are you part of a virtual group? Want the energy boost of a Vision Board workshop but don’t want to leave the comfort of your home? Email Philaabout a Remote Vision Board Workshop!

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