Hours and Services

To set up a remote session with Phila, use the scheduler HERE.

Remote Reiki

Reiki can be sent remotely to you, or a human or nonhuman loved one by appointment, with just as much effectiveness as an in-person session. With the help of a photo supplied by you, Phila will flow Reiki energy to you or your loved one for an hour or half hour.

This can be particularly helpful during medical procedures when on-site Reiki is not allowed, or not practical.

If you are going through a stressful patch and need the support of remote Reiki on an ongoing basis, check out Reiki Recharge.

Session Series

At times a series of sessions can help a long-term issue. Four-session series of 60-minute and 30-minute sessions are available at reduced fees.

If you schedule a series, the discounted total is requested in advance. Phila will contact you to schedule your sessions at the intervals you prefer.

For longer or more intensive session series, you may choose between two options:

  • Repeat the four-session series
  • Schedule two, three, or five sessions per week over the course of a month. Call Phila for special, reduced-fee arrangements for extended intensive session series.

See Reiki Recharge for remote session series

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