For NonHumans

Reiki provides gentle, safe energy to reduce stress and support healing for all beings, human and nonhuman. Phila offers remote Reiki services to you and/or your beloved animals and plants, in many situations and environments…

  • Helping to relieve emotional issues or anxiety in new or challenging environments
  • Helping to reduce stress before and during travel, or when you are away
  • Helping to reduce anxiety and promote healing before, during and/or after medical procedures
  • Helping to reduce fear and provide comfort during rescue situations or roadside accidents
  • Helping to reduce ongoing pain and stress due to long-term, chronic, or terminal illness or injury
  • Helping to bring peace and comfort before, during, or after transition into death

The benefits of Reiki aren’t limited to the recipient…very often, the human caregiver (and the family!) experience relaxation, reduced stress, and a deeper bond with their companion. See one testimonial of this experience here

Note: Reiki can help to support healing, but it is not a substitute for treatment by a licensed medical practitioner. While information may come through intuitively during a session, it is never intended to replace a doctor’s advice. While Reiki can provide comfort and support during an emergency or rescue, it is not a substitute for emergency services.

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