After Your Distant Reiki Session

Keep the Energy Moving!

How you experience your Reiki session, and integrate the energy afterward, is as unique as you are! Everyone has their own experience, based on their mind/body/spirit needs.

You may feel sleepy – or energized! It’s common to experience shifts, whether physical, psychological or emotional: if you have been blocked in some way (whether it’s, say, constipation, a charley-horse, or blocked emotions), you may experience a release. This may happen during the session, or it may happen hours – or even days – later.

So drink lots of water for the next few days, take comforting showers or baths, and treat yourself gently. If you experience deep shifts, you may want to alert your doctor that you have had energy work done; any physical conditions you have may change as your mind/body/spirit is entering a new state of balance. Watch your dreams, and just be aware that energy is moving.

If you experience deep emotional releases, stay in touch with your therapist, and know that this is also energy moving. Don’t attach thoughts to it (any more than you can help) – just do what you need to do to let it pass through: cry, laugh, take a long walk or run, hug a pet or a loved one (or a teddy bear!), pound a pillow if you need to, maybe do some drumming or dancing. Find a safe space and scream if you have to! And again, drink lots of water. Keep the energy moving!

Observe your experience with love and acceptance, And if you have any questions, please contact me at

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