Reiki Recharge: Make Tough Times Easier with Daily Distant Sessions

Major life transitions…extended medical treatments…prolonged recovery periods…there are some times in our lives when our energy is running low and nothing would feel so wonderful as a slow “drip” of Reiki energy that just went on and on…..

What if the benefits of Reiki came to you in a 30-minute session  – daily, for five days or up to a month, no matter where you were and what you were doing?

While All Relations Reiki has always offered Distant Reiki, we’ve only recently introduced the Reiki Recharge offering: a 30-minute morning mini-retreat, coming every day for an extended period of your choosing.

But, you may ask, what exactly is Distant Reiki?

Well,  I could (try to) explain distant Reiki through particle physics (our bodies, like all matter, being mostly energy), and the new studies exploring the impact of consciousness on matter.  However, despite the application of leading-edge physics, science cannot explain the how-it-works mechanism of Reiki, which is a spiritually-guided healing mystery tradition. My efforts to translate its esoteric knowledge into the context of scientific discovery would be conjectural at best, based on guesswork.

What is documented, however, is that distant Reiki does work. Here is one excerpt from an article, “Distant Healing Intention Therapies: An Overview of the Scientific Evidence” in the peer-reviewed journal Global Advances in Health and Medicine

While prayer for others is understandable as a compassionate act or as a psychological coping mechanism when no other actions are possible, the idea that it might be efficacious at a distance is challenging because of a lack of plausible mechanisms that might allow for healer-patient interactions over a distance.,, However, given the well-accepted evidence for quantum nonlocality, which demonstrates the existence of “spooky action at a distance” (as Einstein described it), and especially the growing evidence for quantum coherence effects in living systems,, possible physical mechanisms for DHI [distant healing intention] are no longer inconceivable.

Theoretical speculations aside, most experiments studying DHI have focused on a pragmatic question: Does it work? There are 2 aspects to this question. The first is about proof of principle: If person A and person B are strictly isolated by shielding, distance, or time, is there empirical evidence that A can affect B in any way? The second aspect is about DHI’s efficacy as a healing therapy: Can A in fact heal B?


In 2008 and 2009, the Cochrane Collaboration reported 2 systematic reviews, the first examining non-contact TT [therapeutic touch], healing touch, and Reiki and the second intercessory prayer., From the Reiki review, out of 24 RCTs [randomized controlled trials], a total of 1153 participants exposed to TT had significantly lower average pain intensity than unexposed participants, and trials conducted by more experienced practitioners appeared to yield greater effects. Larger effects were also found in Reiki studies in trials conducted by more experienced practitioners. By contrast, the intercessory prayer review did not demonstrate therapeutic efficacy. Out of 10 RCTs involving 7646 patients, there was no overall effect of intercessory prayer on prolonging life, general clinical state, readmission to coronary care unit, or rehospitalization.

What will  you experience?

Everyone’s experience of distant Reiki is different! Some people experience the flow of energy as clearly as if they were in an on-site Reiki session. For others, there is simply a gentle feeling of reduced stress, increased energy, increased clarity, or reduced pain. Some people may feel nothing at all at the time of the sending, and only realize later that they feel better. And the more regular and sustained the sending of distant Reiki, the longer its effects last.

And that is the idea of Reiki Recharge: because the short distance sessions continue over five days, their effects build and are sustained beyond the treatment time. If you are going through an extended rough patch, or a lengthy medical treatment program, you can request supportive Reiki Recharge for five days, or up to a month at a time.

For other clients’ descriptions of their experiences with Distance Reiki, see the Testimonials.

And if you have questions, don’t hesitate to email!


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