Self-Reiki for Rebound and Rebalancing

You know the feeling…so focused on doing-doing-doing that bits of your life are scattered from hither to yon, and you wind up chasing them down…sometimes with, well, painful consequences.

That’s where this story started, on a day of serial deadlines….

Head-down at my desk, deeply absorbed in a project, I was startled to hear my phone ringing – and of course the phone was on the opposite side of the house! I sprang up from my desk chair – and caught one foot in the scatter rug, while I cracked my kneecap on an open drawer.

My hip twisted, my head spun, and I lurched forward to an armchair, collapsing over its arm, gasping, convinced I’d fractured my patella. The pain was blinding. Two of my cats came up, concerned, sniffed at my knee, sat down and started purring.  Eventually my head cleared, I maneuvered over to the seat and flopped down, holding my knee and flowing Reiki.

I felt the energy-warmth passing from my hands into my knee, felt the muscular clenching against the pain subside, felt my breath shift from gasps into deep relaxed inhalations. Within less than 15 minutes the pain was gone completely.

I could have leaped up at that moment and returned the client’s call, but didn’t: this was clearly a deep call to move deliberately and with intention. I stayed quiet for a while, breathing, rebalancing, enjoying the Reiki flow, and gathering my energies. Then – after checking to see that  everything else I needed was ready to hand – I fetched my phone and made the call. And focused on moving slowly, intentionally, and consciously through the rest of the day.

Later that night, as I undressed for bed, I checked my knee: no swelling, no bruising, no pain.

(For more information about the healing effect of cats’ purring, click HERE.)

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