Engaging with Reiki? Expect Change!

When you begin to work with Reiki energy, whether as a practitioner or a recipient, you learn something very quickly: to expect change. And while this would seem only logical – you are inviting the Universal energy of Love to take part in your life and healing process, after all! – it comes as a surprise every time.

It’s certainly been so for me…

When I set up All Relations Reiki as an animal practice, I was not averse to the idea of doing sessions with humans…I just felt more comfortable working with animals after the loss of my husband in 2006. But the Reiki guides were quick to remind me that two-leggeds were Relations, too, and that my comfort zone needed to expand…

Early this year, I was going through a rough patch: an old nightmare had arisen to haunt me. I would lie in bed at night, doing self-Reiki while listening to a lovely Metta Bhavana chant, the words kept rising insistently to my mind: Metta Reiki. Metta Reiki.

Metta Reiki – what is that? Does it exist? I wondered…and proceeded to Google (nothing like internet research for validating a Spirit leading!). To my amazement, I found that it not only existed as a new form, but the transmission had been received and was being taught by a prominent local Reiki Master, Tracy Houchins. I quickly called her, shared my story, and learned that she was offering her last training in March before she went on a year’s sabbatical. “I wouldn’t tell you what to do, but this does seem like a Spirit leading,” she said. We scheduled a sample session and ended the conversation as I promised myself, I need to do this training.

I did. Tracy’s sample session – a combination of Holy Fire, Usui, Karuna and Metta Reiki(tm) – brought deep, gentle shifts: a decrease in fear and self-blocking; an increase in compassion toward myself and others; a growing opening to receive and transmit Divine love. Some people experience past-life flashes or deep emotional releases on the table during a Metta Reiki(tm) session; I did not, but the sense of profound love and compassion brought a deep and lasting sense of peace. And a few months later, I was one of eight women receiving the attunement for Metta Reiki(tm) in Tracy’s serene studio.

What has happened since then? In two weeks, profound shifts and forward movements. New clients and new directions for All Relations Reiki and my copywriting business…growing clarity on my personal and business paths…likeminded support networks…even guidance and support in navigating the rocky waters of our nation under its new leadership.

So…from being a Reiki practice for animals, or for animals and the people who love them, All Relations Reiki is now acting on its commitment: Universal Life Energy for All Beings, no qualifications, no exceptions. Stepping out in faith and trust, and finding that the road appears under my feet.




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