I chose to work with Phila during a challenging time for my health in parallel to conventional treatment for my condition. She is a rare gem. She is such a genuine person and deeply committed to her clients’ self-empowerment and capacity for self-healing. In addition to being a careful listener, I appreciated her ability to companion me through a rough time which really helped me release tension and heal through my diagnosis. In addition to her healing presence, Phila also is a great resource person – a well of knowledge.

~~Buffy Illum, Columbia, MD

“I watched in wonder as my over-anxious dog quickly became relaxed and cheerful as Phila performed Reiki for him in my living room.  The treatment stayed with my Mack doggie who showed me afterward that his painful fears had mitigated. To my surprise I also experienced benefit from the treatment, as did my whole relationship with Mack.”

-Rev. Monica Kennedy, Catonsville, MD

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