Reiki Resources

Interested in learning more about Reiki – or doing your due diligence to check its credibility as a healing modality? Here is a growing list of resources to help:

Reiki in Hospitals and Other Medical Settings – International Association of Reiki Professionals

Reiki Therapy – Banner Health

Nine Facts about Reiki – Dan Abraham Healthy Living Center, Mayo Clinic

How Reiki and QiGong Can Help Cancer Patients – Dana Farber Cancer Institute

Reiki – George Washington University Hospital Center for Integrative Medicine

Integrative Medicine \ Reiki Therapy – Hartford Hospital

What is Reiki? – Johns Hopkins Integrative Medicine & Digestive Center

Reiki Backgrounder – National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Medical Papers – Researcher/teacher Pamela Miles’ Reiki in Medicine site lists a growing number of Reiki studies.

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