Workplace Reiki

Boost Your Team’s Energy, Health, and Morale with Workplace Reiki!

Deadlines. Client emergencies. Fast-track projects. Tax season. The causes of workplace stress are endless. So give your hardworking employees a wellness benefit that will make a real difference in their lives: regular sessions of Workplace Reiki.

All Relations Reiki introduces a special ongoing offer to help you boost morale, support wellness, and give your employees the tools and support to overcome workplace tension.

We’ll give your employees a free lunch-and-learn on techniques for immediately defusing anxiety and panic….
and a 15-minute sample session for every employee at just $25/each…
…when you sign up for a trial 3-month subscription to convenient, on-site Workplace Reiki

If you and your employees love the effect of your three-month trial subscription, you’ll have the option to continue and/or enhance the service, including weekly, monthly, and special event sessions through the year (imagine a Reiki break adding positive, healing energy to a tense company retreat…), with exclusive discounts for off-site Reiki sessions available to participants.

What is Reiki, you ask?

It’s a transfer of healing energy through light touch, as you relax fully clothed in a comfortable chair. Reiki taps into your body’s deep healing mechanisms through fostering deep relaxation.

Is it effective? More than 800 hospitals worldwide incorporate Reiki into their treatment programs for conditions including anxiety and depression, cardiovascular issues, digestive conditions, hormonal disorders, post-surgery recovery, support for cancer treatment, and more.

In the workplace, Reiki helps your employees by:

  • Reducing stress and anxiety…
  • Reducing chronic pain and other physical issues…
  • Fostering calm, clarity, and concentration…
  • Supporting positive professional relationships…
  • Increasing job satisfaction and productivity…
  • Improving motivation, and more…

Beyond this, adding Reiki to your workplace wellness program demonstrates your commitment to the well-being and happiness of your employees, thus attracting potential new hires!

How does Workplace Reiki work?

Reiki sessions may be weekly, bi-weekly or monthly with sessions of 15, 30, or 60 minutes, depending on your budget; this program is customized to your company’s needs! We work privately with each client in a quiet room; sessions are completely confidential. There is no physical manipulation; the practitioner’s hands remain still in a series of placements, given with light touch or no touch, at the recipient’s preference.

What have clients said?

What a treat! We asked Phila to come to our business to offer Workplace Reiki to our staff and we couldn’t be more pleased. It was a wonderful way to treat our staff who works so hard and it gave all of us a few minutes to relax during our busy day. Phila was professional and very skilled at her craft. All of us enjoyed the time and the healing and we look forward to bringing her back again.

Give your employees lasting gifts of peace, relaxation, and renewal….email today to set up your Workplace Reiki program today!

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