Remote Reiki

Are you needing Reiki replenishment, but unable to come to an in-person session? You can receive a Reiki treatment without leaving your home or office. Refresh your spirit…calm your mind…and relax your body…open the door to deep change…in a remote Reiki session.

How does this work? Because Reiki is spiritually-guided life force energy, it is not limited to physical presence. Your willingness to receive, and Phila’s focused intent, with the help of your name and photo, create the connection for the session to happen.

What does a remote session involve? That depends on you: ideally, you would be lying or sitting down in a quiet, meditative setting. Phila creates the connection and sends Reiki in just the way she would perform an in-person session.

The effects of a remote Reiki session may be subtler than an in-person session, but they are no less effective. Due to the importance of the in-person introductory session, remote therapeutic Reiki sessions are only available to established clients. Remote sessions may be used as a substitute for in-person sessions in case of scheduling conflicts; learn more here.

To new or established clients: Do you need the energy-boost of Reiki during an extended rough patch such as illness, job stress, or personal transitions? Try Reiki Recharge. This remote service is designed to provide an ongoing Reiki “feed” for one or more weeks, with remote Reiki being sent for 30 or 60 minutes daily. Again, while it helps to be in a meditative state to receive the greatest benefits, Reiki Recharge will provide energy regardless of what you are doing at the time.

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