Reiki Recharge

Are You Running on Empty?

We all know those days and weeks…when you’re running from the moment you get out of bed till the moment your head falls back on the pillow, pushing the envelope between stress, anxiety and depletion. It would be wonderful to stop and meditate, even more wonderful to indulge in a Reiki session, but you just can’t fit it in….

Good news – you can receive the renewal and replenishment of a Reiki treatment without leaving your home or office. Refresh your spirit…calm your mind…and relax your body…open the door to deep change…in a 30-minute remote Reiki session, first thing in the morning.

How does this work? Because Reiki is spiritually-guided life force energy, it is not limited to physical presence. Your willingness to receive, and the practitioner’s focused intent, with the help of your name and photo, create the connection for the session to happen.

“But what if I’m crazy-overbooked and can’t stop?” you may ask. While it’s always best to receive remote Reiki in a meditative state, you will still reap the benefits of a remote Reiki session, wherever you are and whatever you are doing.

What Do Clients Say?


I met Phila through a business mastermind group. I was impressed with her intuition and her calm, grounding nature. At the time I was feeling very stressed as I was handling a family member’s estate. I chose to work with Phila in a remote reiki session to see if it would help my focus. After a 15-minute remote reiki session, I felt calmer and more peaceful for several days. It was a great experience; try it!
~~ Michelle Clauson LaRue, Sterling, VA
I had a lingering cold with lots of mucus and constant coughing; came home feeling like crap and my temperature was 100* – I requested a distance Reiki session from Phila and two hours later I noticed my temperature had returned to normal! Getting another session to help me finish clearing this out… Thanks Phila!
~~ Sandra Nicht, Catonsville, MD


And because this is a new service, we’re making it as accessible as we can….

  • $50 for 1 week (5 sessions)
  • $95 for 2 weeks (10 sessions)
  • $140 for 3 weeks (15 sessions)
  • $185 for 4 weeks (20 sessions)

To get started, just select the option you’d like and order below; then email your name and a photo of yourself (any clear photo will do, it doesn’t need to be special).  Your first session will start on the upcoming Monday.


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