In-Person Reiki

So you’ve heard about Reiki…this hands-on practice that gently reduces stress, eases pain, and releases blocked physical and/or emotional energy, while supporting all other integrative and mainstream therapies…

Wow, you could use some of that! So you schedule your 90-minute introductory session….

…and we meet! The room at Catonsville Counseling and Wellness is peaceful and welcoming; we sit down and chat for a few minutes as you share your reason for coming. If you’ve filled in your Reiki Client Information Form, we talk about it; otherwise, I’ll go through the questions with you.

Next, I invite you to make yourself comfortable on the table – clothes on, no awkward disrobing – give you a pillow, blanket and bolster as needed,  and let you relax while I turn on the music. After a few minutes I will cradle your head gently in my hands as I give a brief guided visualization to help you connect with your Higher Power(s), and the treatment begins.

You’ll feel my hands gently placed on points roughly corresponding to your chakras: in most places my hands are barely touching you, and near sensitive spots I hold my hands an inch above your body. There’s no pressure or rubbing; no oils, creams, or lotions; Reiki is a transmission of pure energy rather than a manipulative therapy such as massage.

You may feel heat or tingling around my hands; this is your own body’s chi (life force energy) rising to meet the Reiki energy. You may feel your digestive system gurgling or your stomach rumbling – this is perfectly normal! You will very probably find yourself sinking into a deep relaxed state, or possibly even falling asleep….also normal. Some people have dreams or other spiritual experiences during a Reiki session…because Reiki is a spiritually guided practice, many people find themselves feeling in closer touch with their spirit and/or soul afterward.

Depending upon your needs, you may experience emotional release, physical relief from pain, or other shifts during the session. It’s just energy moving, and it’s all good; Reiki corrects the imbalances in your body/mind/spirit.

I move from your head to your feet several times in a session…when it is over, you will feel air whooshing over your body as I brush down your aura, clearing away any lingering energies that were released. You’ll hear a Tibetan bell ringing to signal the end of the session, and I invite you, when you are ready, to open your eyes and return your awareness  to the room. As you sit up, I give you a glass of water and invite you to share your experience and ask any questions that may have come to mind.

After a session, you will probably feel very relaxed and happy, or possibly sleepy. As your energy blockages continue to release over the following hours, you may experience gentle physical and/or emotional shifts: for example, bowel movements if you were constipated, or emotional releases if you were consciously or unconsciously repressing feelings or memories.

Bear in mind that these mind/body/spirit shifts are indications that blocked energy is moving. To help the process of releasing physical and energetic toxins, try these tips:

  • Drink plenty of water to flush out your system.
  • Avoid attaching to emotions; instead, release the energy through writing, art, dance, singing, drumming, or physical exercise.
  • Soak in a warm bath with Epsom Salts, or use an Epsom salt scrub in a warm shower; this also helps your body to release toxins while providing the calming effects of magnesium.

If you become concerned about your experience at any point, call me for post-session phone support and distant Reiki (15 minutes free, any time of day or night – just click the link at the bottom of the page) and – most important – reach out to your medical, spiritual, emotional, or psychological support system.

Reiki functions best as one part of a complete wellness program, easing stress and supporting you in moving past physical or energetic blocks. Schedule your introductory session today – or come to a workshop to experience a sample treatment!

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