Reiki Recharge

Stressed at Midday?

We all know those days and weeks…when you’re running from the moment you get out of bed till the moment your head falls back on the pillow. It would be wonderful to stop and meditate, even more wonderful to indulge in a Reiki session, but you just can’t fit it in….

Good news – you can have a Reiki treatment without leaving your home or office. Refresh your spirit…calm your mind…and relax your body…in a 15-minute remote Reiki session.

Join Phila at high noon Eastern time, one, two, or three times a week, and take a mini-retreat with 15 minutes of remote Reiki. You’ll emerge refreshed, rebalanced, and renewed, ready to face whatever the rest of the day may bring.

“But what if I’m crazy-overbooked at noontime and can’t stop?” you may ask? While it’s best if you’re receiving remote Reiki in a meditative state, your name (and photo, if you can send one) will be on the special Reiki altar for that time slot and you will still reap the benefits of a remote Reiki session, whether or not you are virtually present.

And because this is a new service, we’re making it as accessible as we can….

  • $25 for 1 week (5 sessions)
  • $45 for 2 weeks (10 sessions)
  • $65 for 3 weeks (15 sessions)
  • $85 for 4 weeks (20 sessions)

To get started, just select the option you’d like and order below.  Your first session will start on the upcoming Monday (or the day of your order if you register on a Monday before 11:00 a.m. U.S Eastern Time).



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