Connecting With Mother Earth

Imagine a world in which communicating with other forms of life is not considered bizarre, childish, or insane, but normal, and sacred. Where plants, animals and humans consciously coexist in a delicate dance of relatedness that leaves their environment largely intact for millennia.

Do you find it difficult to imagine?

You’re not alone. For millennia, indigenous peoples have considered plants, animals, insects, birds, even stones, to be “our relations.” But our culture is deeply separated from the nonhuman beings that share this world with us…and meanwhile we look to the stars for intelligent life.

Is it any wonder that humans today are so deeply lonely …or that the webs of life on our planet are collapsing?

Now imagine yourself, communicating consciously with a plant or stone, bird or bug… experiencing its life and circumstances, learning its needs and desires. Coming away with a new perspective on the natural world and your relationship to it.

No, this is not a drug trip. This is your birthright.

The Earth Spirit Discovery Circle is designed to offer a first step toward a new experience of the natural world. A perfect forum to start off an Earth Day celebration, this circle gives an opportunity to…

  • Share your deepest experiences of connection with the Earth
  • Learn basic steps to experience a conscious, living environment
  • Consciously communicate with a nonhuman being in nature

This workshop is set up as a conversation circle in which every voice is heard and valued. With every workshop your group will receive…

  • A practical, common-sense presentation with simple actions to take today
  • Presentation notes
  • Electronic info-packets with resources and exercises to practice on your own (optional, through participants’ sign-up)

To schedule this workshop for your group, email Phila.

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