Reiki & Medicine

Interested in learning more about Reiki – or doing due diligence to check its credibility as a healing modality? Here is a growing list of resources to help:

Reiki and Mental Health

Reiki in Medicine

These links provide information on Reiki as it is practiced as a supplement to mainstream medical treatment.

  • Reiki Backgrounder – National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine
  • Medical Papers – Researcher/teacher Pamela Miles’ Reiki in Medicine site lists a growing number of  studies on the effectiveness of Reiki in treating a variety of illnesses.

Reiki in Medical Institutions

The following links go to the sites of medical institutions that offer Reiki services to their patients. The pages explain Reiki from the institutional perspective.

Websites About Reiki

  • – The International Center for Reiki Training offers many articles on Reiki and its benefits from a variety of perspectives.
  • – Researcher/Master Teacher Pamela Miles offers a wide variety of free Reiki resources (scroll to the bottom of her home page and view them listed in the footer).

Books About Reiki

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