When You’re Alone and Panic is Rising….

Who knows where the triggers lie…sometimes you can recognize them, sometimes you can’t. But if you know the madly heart-pounding experience of severe anxiety or a panic attack, you know the conflicting impulses that come with it – fight it and try to maintain a semblance of normalcy? Flee to the nearest safe space? Fold into child’s pose and wait until the wave passes, or…..?

All Relations Reiki offers 15-minute free emergency distant Reiki sessions for such situations (just call the number at the bottom of your screen)…and we offer short-term or long-term Reiki support through full sessions and/or session series.  And — because it’s always best to empower our clients with the tools to support your own wellness — we also offer a special e-book of tools and resources you can use to defuse the attack before it fully takes hold.

Designed to serve as a first-aid support to your existing treatment plan, the e-book is set up in six categories —  physical, psychological, emotional, spiritual, and environmental tools/resources, and holistic/alternative healing modalities — to help you:

  • Identify the signs of anxiety or a panic attack
  • Defuse the attack on mind, body & spirit levels
  • Create habits to reduce or deflect further attacks
  • Set up an environment that supports peace of mind

The cost? Completely free…and with it you receive immediate access to upcoming All Relations Reiki events, new services and trainings as they happen (this is a very occasional newsletter, and we’ll never sell your information or spam you – ever and you can unsubscribe at any time),

Check it out today, and start reclaiming  your life today!
Defuse Your Anxiety and Panic Attacks!



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